From January 5 to 8, 2019, ESTE ARTE, the most select fair in the Americas, presents its 5th edition in Punta del Este.

Artists, collectors, curators and art lovers, all in one place: the Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center. ESTE ARTE offers collectors and art lovers the opportunity to experience each piece and generate a connection with each gallery, on a human scale. The atmosphere and format of the fair, its excellent Exhibitors Program, the outstanding Cultural Agenda and the Collectors Program, an intelligent platform for regional and international collectors, are what make ESTE ARTE unique as Punta del Este: the mixture Perfect entertainment, glamor and relaxation. And to celebrate his five years ESTE ARTE we add one day!

Five days of exhibitions and events to enjoy, meet and celebrate culture, together.


After four successful editions, ESTE ARTE 2019 gathers the best Uruguayan galleries and a selection of the most recognized galleries in the world. Galleries from 20 countries present an artistic offer to appreciate works by unquestionable masters as well as emerging artists.

For five days ESTE ARTE - whose main partner is FENDI-Château Group - transports the audience to an atmosphere of sensitivity, placidity and harmony, becoming a fantastic opportunity to link them and the works.

ESTE ARTE is made thanks to the support of the MEC - Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay. 

62 80 Galería de Arte (Montevideo) | Art Agency (Sofia) | Black Gallery (Montevideo, Garzón) | CASA8 (Havana) | Centro de Edición (Buenos Aires) | Del Paseo (Lima, Punta del Este) | DIE GALERIE (Frankfurt) | Factoría Santa Rosa (Santiago de Chile) | Galería SUR (Punta del Este) | Galería Zielinsky (Barcelona) | Henrique Faria Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires) | Imperiale Art Gallery (Punta del Este) | Karla Osorio Gallery (Brasilia) | La Pecera (Punta del Este) | Madragoa (Lisbon) | O’Art Project (Lima) | Opera Gallery (New York, Miami, Aspen, London, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Dubai, Beirut, Hong Kong, Singapur, Seul) | Outing Art Gallery (Miami) | Piero Atchugarry Gallery (Garzón, Miami) | Quimera (Buenos Aires) | Reginart Collections (Geneva) | Settemari (Punta del Este) | Studio Sandra Recio (Zurich) | M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne (Monte-Carlo) | Xippas Galleries (Paris, Geneva, Montevideo) | 62 80 Galería de Arte (Montevideo) | James Howell Foundation (New York) | KBB - Kültür Büro Barcelona Buenos Aires (Barcelona, Buenos Aires) | Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (Uruguay) | Museo Gurvich (Montevideo)