KBB - Kültür Büro Barcelona/Buenos Aires

Balcarce 1461
1153 Buenos Aires

Director: Sigismond de Vajay

Kültur Büro Barcelona / Buenos Aires or KBB, is a cultural association dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary culture. Its editorial perspective  works with high level publications on contemporary art. This unique and unpublished material will be presented on this occasion: a special, limited edition of Of Bridges & Borders, made with fragments of the work "To Pablo" (2013) by Ai Weiwei, who collaborated with KBB in this publication arranged, numbered and signed by the Chinese artist. In addition to this, it will present special editions made in collaboration with artists Matias Duville, Fabrice Gygi, Lang / Bauman among others.


Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, Sipral # 1, Of “Bridges & Borders”, Valparaiso 2013