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ESTE ARTE International Art Fair taking place in January at Punta del Este Convention & Exhibition Center, Uruguay.

We empower both private and institutional collections. We support the art market's development. In parallel to the exhibition, we create a space for dialogue among artists, collectors and curators. We envision a cultural landmark, where the South American art system meets, exchanges ideas and thrives.

EA2019 M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne_EN

M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne

Palais de la Scala - Square Beaumarchais
9800 Monte-Carlo
Principality of Monaco 

Director: Gaia Toninelli

M.F. Toninelli Art Moderne is directed by Gaia Toninelli in Monte-Carlo. The gallery has a great past, since 1945 it has been in operation when Mr. Romeo Toninelli opened his first gallery in Milan. Between 1945 and 1947 there were important solo exhibitions of Boccioni, Campigli, Carra, De Chririco, Morandi and Sironi. After decades of successful exhibitions and participation in numerous leading art fairs around the world, in the 1990s, Ms. M.F. Toninelli and the third generation of family members Gaia Toninelli changed the main office and the operations of Rome to the Principality of Monaco where they currently carry out their activities.

Marino Marini, Cavalier, 1945

Artist in ESTE ARTE 2019
Marino Marini (1901-1980, Italia)