Güemes 4474
Buenos Aires

Director: Gabriel Bitterman

Quimera is directed by Gabriel Bitterman in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a contemporary art gallery that works as an interdisciplinary platform for the development of curatorial, expository, educational and editorial projects, in a horizontal and collaborative dynamic. From its beginnings, in 2013, it managed to set itself among the most recognized young art galleries in Buenos Aires, participating in important national and international fairs. In 2015, it launched its own publishing label, Q · Editora in partnership with Malevo Estampa. Then, add an alternative exhibition space, Qubo, for site-specific projects made by invited artists.


Alejandro Pasquale, El secreto de las flores, 2018

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Cecilia Glazman (1954, Argentina) | Alejandro Pasquale (1984, Argentina) | Pabli Stein (1986, Argentina)