Xippas Galleries

Bartolomé Mitre 1395
11000 Montevideo

Directors: Renos Xippas & Sofía Silva

Xippas Galleries was founded by Renos Xippas in 1990 in Paris, and then expanded to large European and Latin American cities such as Geneva and Montevideo. Dedicated to international contemporary art, the gallery has acted as a platform for the discovery and promotion of emerging and consecrated artists. From the heart of the Marais district in Paris, or from Les Bains in Geneva, or in the heritage building of the old Hotel Colon in Montevideo, Xippas Galleries is present in the international artistic circuit, continuously developing individual and collective exhibitions.


Pablo Reinoso, Marco Sur I, 2018

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Waltercio Caldas (Brazil, 1946) | Yamandú Canosa (Uruguay, 1954) | Stéphane Dafflon (Switzerland, 1972) | Sigismond de Vajay (Argentina-Switzerland, 1972) | Leandro Erlich (Argentina, 1973) | Alberto García-Alix (Spain, 1956) | Cao Guimarães (Brazil, 1965) | Ricardo Lanzarini (Uruguay, 1963) | Marco Maggi (Uruguay, 1957) | Vik Muniz (Brazil, 1961) | Pablo Reinoso (Argentina, 1955) | Pablo Siquier (Argentina, 1961) | Janaina Tschäpe (Germany, 1973) | Dani Umpi (Uruguay, 1974)