We believe art fairs are fun, as we seriously believe on the limitless power of art.
We bring together artists, curators, collectors, and other advocates of the arts, all at the same time, all in one place.
We enjoy what we do, upholding the highest standards of professionalism, we are fearlessly committed to the long-term big-picture vision, because we know art always takes us to places beyond our expectations.
We love exhibitors that share our passion for the arts, our thirst for making an impact, our proactive business-related mind-set, and with whom we can keep growing together.

Customs Information

Unlike other countries in the region, artworks transit management is simple and well organized. All temporary importations (90 days) of artworks are exempt from customs taxation. When an artwork is sold within the country, customs duty are needed but are related to the constitutive value of the piece. Also, the artworks sold within the Republica Oriental del Uruguay, are exempt from paying VAT or other taxes.

Strategic Location

Uruguay’s economic stability, friendly taxation and efficient infrastructure are among the advantageous conditions of the location and some of the reasons that the region is attracting international VIPs. Punta del Este is the main resort of South America and internationally known for having the right mix of relax, fun and glamour.

Efficiency Infrastructure

Although Punta del Este preserves the appearance of a small town, it also offers facilities and services usually found in larger cities such as: the International Airport of Punta del Este, hotels and rental housing, design stores, haute cuisine restaurants. ESTE ARTE has formed partnerships with firms providing additional services as Art Handlers team, Photographer Service, Framing Studio, and Freelance Technicians or Assistants.