Galería Zielinsky

Passage de Mercader 10

Director: Ricardo Zielinsky

Zielinsky Gallery is directed by Ricardo Zielinsky, and was born in 2015 in Barcelona. In addition, he has a space in Brazil, from where he manages his strong links with the Latin American art scene. The gallery promotes artistic and cultural exchange, both nationally and internationally, by creating and producing various exhibitions inside and outside the binomial gallery-museum. The ideology of the gallery is to create a dialectic between collectors and neophytes in the art world, favoring the construction of thought and bringing together different cultures.

Luca Benites, Círculos, 2018

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Luca Benites (1981, Brazil) | Yamandú Canosa (1954, Uruguay) | Joaquin Lalanne (1989, Argentina) | Eduardo Marco (1970, Brazil) | Daniel Orson Ybarra (1957, Uruguay)