La Pecera

Ruta 10, Km. 164
20002 Manantiales

Directors : Santiago Aldabalde & Martin Pelenur

La Pecera is a project founded and directed by Santiago Aldabalde and Martin Pelenur in La Barra, Punta del Este Uruguay. It emerged in 2013 as a hybrid between production space and project space. It works as a place of production, visualization and commercialization of the work of contemporary artists. It is an independent space whose main objective is to develop the career of artists working in Uruguay through collective exhibitions, residences and participation in art fairs.

Santiago Epstein, Pez Estacionamiento, 2016

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Santiago Aldabalde (1974, Uruguay) | Santiago Epstein (1968, Uruguay) | Rita Fischer (1974, Uruguay) | Nico Ocks (1980, Uruguay) | Martin Pelenur (1977, Uruguay) | Pablo Pí (1968, Uruguay) | Santiago Velazco (1976, Uruguay)