We support a plural vision of the world. We offer special opportunities to exhibitors presenting artists from underrepresented minority groups, such as: ethnicity, race, religion, disability, or gender identity.
Proactive action is rewarding, among our policies it is stated that all exhibitors shall include the work of at least one female artist. We encourage exhibitors premiering a body of work, an out-of-scale installation or a performance piece. And we praise the loyalty and generous support of our returning exhibitors.


All temporary importations (90 days) of artworks are exempt from customs taxation. When an artwork is sold within the country, customs duty are needed but are related to the constitutive value of the piece. Also, the artworks sold within the Republica Oriental del Uruguay, are exempt from paying VAT or other taxes.


Unlike other countries in the region, you can rely on Uruguay’s political and economic stability, friendly taxation and efficient professional infrastructure. These are some of the advantageous conditions of the location and some of the reasons that the region is attracting an international public. Punta del Este is the main resort of South America and internationally known for having the right mix of relax, fun and glamour.


Although Punta del Este preserves the appearance of a small town, it also offers facilities and services usually found in larger cities such as: the International Airport of Punta del Este, hotels and rental housing, design stores, haute cuisine restaurants. ESTE ARTE has formed partnerships with firms providing additional services as Art Handlers team, Photographer Service, Framing Studio, and Freelance Technicians or Assistants.


Application are still being considered, if you wish to receive an outlining of the selection process and costs, please contact us:


From January 4-8, 2020, ESTE ARTE presents its 6th edition in Punta del Este. The international art fair features a tailored selection of regional and international galleries, where quality is first. 

ESTE ARTE is an exhibition of outstanding contemporary art to inspire the public; a platform for the dialogue on educating, curating and collecting art to enable a critical thinking and foster creative studies; a marketplace for the visual arts to construct a healthy, resilient and long-lasting art system in Latin America’s Southern Cone.

ESTE ARTE is a cultural landmark, where the South American art system meets, exchanges ideas and thrives. We bring together artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, critics, patrons, and other advocates of the visual arts, at the same time, all in one place.

ESTE ARTE is an art fair on a human scale, with an engaging cultural agenda. It is as unique as its venue: fun, sexy and trendsetter.