Opera Gallery

151 NE 41st Street
FL 33137

Founder: Gilles Dyan / Director : Dan Benchetrit

Opera Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery founded in Paris in 1994 by its president Gilles Dyan. It has thirteen exhibition spaces in Paris, London, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Beirut, Dubai, New York, Miami, Aspen, Singapore, Seoul and Hong Kong. It presents works by established and emerging artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.. At the same time, it collaborates with museums, art centers and artistic foundations.


Fernando Botero, A Family, 2010

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Fernando Botero (1932, Colombia)  | André Brasilier (1929, France) | Lita Cabellut (1961, Spain) | Alfred Haerpointner (1966, Austria) | Marino Marini (1901-1980, Italy) | Antonio Segui (1934, Argentina) | Young Deok Seo (1984, South Korea) | Bong-Chae Son (1967, South Korea) | Manolo Valdes (1942, Spain) | David Kim Whittaker (1964, United Kingdom)