Gorlero y Calle 15
Edificio Lafayette
Punta del Este

Director: Carlos A. Ghiara

Settemari is directed by Carlos A. Ghiara, located in the highlands of the port of Punta del Este. Since 2012 he has been working devotedly in the promotion of emerging art from the River Plate region, trying to show the community the different artistic and cultural expressions of this geography. It exhibits works in different formats, techniques and materialities, from painting, collage, digital art or glass-fusion.

María T. Hafford, Preludio XVIII, 2018

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Janine Altman (1964, Uruguay) | Poli Churba (1949, Argentina) | Alfred Fuschberger Butzer (1935, Alemania) | Bruno Widmann (1930, Uruguay) | María Teresa Hafford (1954, Argentina)