Outing Art Gallery

1300 Brickell Bay Dr
FL 33131

Director: Sergio Recchia

Outing Art Gallery is directed by Sergio Recchia in Miami, USA. It is a gallery that has the purpose of being an instructive agent in today's society, focusing on the intangible cultural proposal that accompanies the commercialization of works of art. All this through professional support to artists, the approach to the audience of their artistic careers and the promotion and sale of their works of art.


Alexandra Arata, Untitled, 2018

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Alexandra Arata (1967, USA) | Francisco Cortes (1940, Chile) | Maeba Hinrichsen (1968, Chile) | Graciela Montich (1962, Argentina) | Alejandra Stier (1970, Argentina)