Factoría Santa Rosa

Av. Santa Rosa 2260
Santiago de Chile

Director: Carolina Musalem Rosselot

The Factoría Santa Rosa is directed by Carolina Mausalem Rosselot, located in Barrio Franklin, Santiago de Chile. Its mission is geared towards the generation, development, study, integration and communication of the arts. It focuses on works that delve into different reflective concepts and displacements to other supports. At the same time, it develops projects that bet on the commercialization of works of recognized national artists, and residency program that promotes the realization of specific projects.


Ismael Friergio, Terra Asutralis Ignota, 2017

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Rimer Cardillo (1944, Uruguay) | Gonzalo Cienfuegos (1949, Chile) | Ismael Frigerio (1955, Chile)