O’Art Project

Av. Almirante Miguel Grau 810

Director : Alessandra Rebagliati

O'Art Project is directed by Alessandra Rebagliati in the city of Lima, Peru. Conformed by a group of four Peruvian artists under the idea of joining efforts and crossing bridges between them. It works as a platform to investigate significance and develop work strategies, open to what is happening around and in the global art scene.  Collective work seeks to enrich and give visibility in other geographical places, generating feedback and putting value on the place of origin.


Jessica Schneider, Time Capsule

Artists in ESTE ARTE 2019
Cristina Colichon (1967, Peru) | María Emilia Cunliffe (1971, Peru) | Jacques Custer (1977, Peru) | Christian Fuchs (1979, Peru) | Gianna Pollarolo (1972, Peru) | Alessandra Rebagliati (1972, Peru) | Jessica Schneider (1971, Peru)